This is a test suite for the final version of the RELAX NG 1.0 Specification.

The test suite consists of a single XML file spectest.xml, which includes over 300 test cases. Each test case consists of a correct or incorrect RELAX NG schema and zero or more valid or invalid instances. A RELAX NG schema is available that specifies the format of the test suite.

In order to run the test suite it may be convenient to split it up into separate files. An XSLT stylesheet split.xsl is included to do this. This stylesheet uses SAXON extensions. Jing includes a class to run the test suite after it has been split up. The class is com.thaiopensource.relaxng.util.TestDriver. This class must be invoked with two arguments. The first argument is a log file for expected errors. The second argument is the directory containing the split-up test suite.

James Clark